Trouble troubleshooting red overlay?

Using the Vision client, on a certain popup I have a red function overlay for the entire window. Normally to trouble shoot this I open up the Diagnostics → Log Viewer and look at the left handside to find the new items that just appeared on window open to see what aspects of components are having issues. With my current window I don’t see anything new appear when I open the window and when I open the window in designer I also have no issues so I am at a loss. There’s no startup scripts on window or root container either.

Like this -

Clicking refresh doesn’t show any new errors after I opened the window. Help?

It looks like there is a bad quality binding on a property of the root container.

Yea I just did overlay-opt out for all bounded Root container properties, which I’m not exactly happy about since what if its a legitimate reason for it to be overlayed, but I can’t tell what things in particular is causing this. Overlay optout all root container properties fixed it though.

Judging by the overlay there is an expression binding that is returning an evaluation error. If you right-click the root and click Run Diagnostics you should see which property of the root is throwing the error.

It should look something like this, in this example I have a bad expression on the combineRepaints property. So I know I need to change the expression binding there:

This is what I normally would do but I don’t get any red overlay in the designer and diagnostic says its all good.

In the client, if you go to Help > Diagnostics and select the Console tab, are there any errors in the console?
Looking at your first picture with the log viewer, it looks like there might be one being thrown by a SQLQueryTagBinding