Trouble with getting Autosol connected to Ignition

Does anyone have any instructions on what all needs to take place to get Autosol connected to Ignition?

I have the host name and ProgID but the connection just faults.

Been through everything here yet?

more than likely need the opc core components for a 64 bit system

Thanks, this is very helpful.

I am not sure what exactly this is referring to though?

OPC Server DCOM Settings
Browse down through the Component Services tree until get to the DCOM Config folder. Locate the entry for your OPC server that you wish to make a connection to, right click and select properties.

What is the name of the OPC entry? asiDATA, asiCONNMGR, etc??? Or is it referring to the OPC Enum x64?

Not sure how helpful this is, but as of now it is just showing connecting for awhile then goes back to Faulted. It seems to keep trying to connect, but never actually connects.

should be asi.OPC.1

everything is set to default on my autosol opc connection.

are you sure you have opc connected components for x64 installed?

have you rebooted the server?

can you connect with a opc client like matrikon explorer?

I am using asi.OPC.1, x64 component installed, and rebooted server.

I can get the connection working fine when turning off firewalls on both ends, but I can not seem to create enough inbound and outbound rules to make it work while firewalls are on.

Any idea what rules/ports/services need to be allowed through firewall?