Trouble with styles on Perspective One Shot buttons


I'm attempting to to set styles and style classes on Perspective One Shot buttons.

Setting the styles on the the sub-states (readyState/writingState) generally works.

Settings in the main style for the component do not. I'd like to set common styles there, instead of having to duplicate everything in the two sub-states.

Additionally, 'margin' styles on the sub-state behave very weirdly, like they are being treated more like 'padding' instead. I couldn't get 'margin' styles to work on the main section.

Perspective 8.1.21

Any ideas?

I'm guessing Perspective One Shot buttons aren't all that popular :slight_smile:
Was hoping someone else might verify before I submit a bug request needlessly.


We are actually working on resolving this bug during this current sprint. There's a chance it could make the 8.1.24 release, but with so many on vacation during the holidays it's not guaranteed.

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