Troubles on Report Actions with From Address


I need help please about this trouble is hapenning

I configured an E-mail Profile, and it works ok, on test on gateway. I didn’t use an user and password on profile configuration.

When i try to configure an schedule for report, on Actions Tab Section.

I try to use an Email Action with From Address as it checks green ok, i put all the other parameters. put the hour for schedule wait for execution, and nothing happens (no report is sent to the email sent), also i don’t find an error on log.

So i try another way, I put the IP address at From Address as from mail server), also i complete with all parameters required. And mail goes out and the mail arrives as unknown, but with the message and the pdf report attached.

It seems that only works with ip adress of mail server.

Can you help me please with this case. I need to fix it with a correct from address, so it appears also when mail arrives.

I remain attentive to your comments. Thanks a lot. :pray:

Cheers Carolina

Was the FROM address the same domain as the address you are sending to?
Also you can click the double arrow icon to test the schedule.

hi @MMaynard,

Yes the address was the same domain as the IP addres (mail server)
“Also you can click the double arrow icon to test the schedule.” Great I’ll try it and give comments.

Thank you

The “from” address is just passed on to your mail server when the email is sent. Ignition doesn’t do anything with it* and is not the entity that decides whether it is valid or not. You may need to look at your mail server and how it’s configured.

* there’s a small amount of parsing done by the mail library to make sure it actually looks like an email address, but that’s all.

Yeah that is standard mail server stuff, which is why I asked :wink: