Try() in a tag expression error instead of failover with udt params as tag paths

    try(tag({Sensor 1 Path}+ "tag1",null),
    try(tag({Sensor 2 Path}+ "tag2"),null),
    try(tag({Sensor 3 Path}+ "tag3"),null),
    try(tag({Sensor 4 Path}+ "tag4"),null),
    try(tag({Sensor 5 Path} + "tag5"),null))
Sensor 1 Path = 'Path/to/'
Sensor 2 Path = 'Path/to/'
Sensor 3 Path = 'Path/to/'
Sensor 4 Path = 'Path/to/'
Sensor 5 Path = ''

I would expect it to fail and null the line with sensor 5 which is a blank path and then continue to mean the available tag reads. instead it returns error Bad_NotFound(“Path ‘’[default]/tag5’ not found”)

Yeah, there’s some things it doesn’t catch. If that isn’t an expression tag, you should be using indirect binding instead of tag(). You can capture the bad quality there.