Trying to access a template repeater in a script fired from a mouseClicked event

Hello all,

I am trying to print out the contents of a template repeater that I’m using as a sort of customized report page. The idea is that they view the graphical representation of the data on one window, and they can click a button on that window to navigate to another window that has a more quantitative representation. The clients would like to be able to print that information out, which I have had success with so far if the component is anything but a template repeater but I can’t seem to get the script to find it. I am always returned with the attached error. I have looked through the container hierarchy tree, but I still can’t seem to get the right component. Thanks in advance for any help!!



Sort of a wild guess, but perhaps you’re not traversing the components correctly? I had problems with this in my project - check out this question.

Need more parents!


Those pesky parents, thanks for your help Stuart!!

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I prefer to use system.util.sendMessage instead of tracking references.