Trying to Connect my PC and laptop to the same Project

Im new to ignition software and am getting started on a home automation project. I know that my PC and laptop both have separate gateways, but I would like to be able to get on a project on my PC that was created on my laptop. The PC is connected to ethernet and the laptop is to wifi (both on same network). I tried making an outgoing connection from the gateway network tab, but it just says faulted. I would appreciate some help from someone who may know what I can do to fix this.


You need only one gateway. That's a "server", and other "client" just connect to the server, via vision client or perspective web/workstation. (Designer is client)

Sorry, i was more talking about being able to get on the designer of the project on both devices rather than only being able to see the perspective view.

Why do you have separate gateways?

You only need one, unless you are setting up a redundant architecture. Which I doubt since you on Maker.

So keep one gateway probably on the PC so you can leave it up and running, get rid of the laptop gateway.

First try getting to the gateway via your browser then the designer.

Do you know the IP of the host? Can you PING it from the other device?

What are your network settings?

You can open multiple designers of the same gateway on multiple computers at the same time using the same or different user accounts. Just like perspective views.

Your right andrews. I only need one gateway I think. It wont let me gain access to the gateway from the browser on my laptop for some reason even though they are on the same network. Maybe because the two devices have different private IP addresses? If by IP of the host you mean the IP of my PC, then yes I know it. I will try to ping it when I get home for the day. What do you mean by network settings?

I suspect windows firewall is blocking access to the ignition port 8088. Try adding that into the firewall exceptions (or turn off firewall temporarily to see if that's the issue)

In terms of actually opening a designer to a remote ignition gateway project, assuming your ip is in the same subnet range as the Ignition gateway and on the same local network, you should be able to launch the designer as you would directly from the ignition gateway itself. I.e. Go to the ignition gateway webpage, http://ipaddress:8088, download the designer Launcher. Then add that same address into the designer Launcher and voila


I tried disabling the firewall on both devices and I still get "this site cant be reached" when attempting to look at the gateway or perspective on my laptop.

What are the ip configs (ip, subnet mask, gateway) of both machines?
Are you sure your wifi and lan interfaces are bridged together in your router? (I only half know what I'm talking about here)

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IP -
Subnet -
Default Gateway - fe80::aa70:5dff:fedb:8c33%8

IP -
Subnet -
Default Gateway - fe80::aa70:5dff:fedb:8c33%7

What if you connect both via ethernet?

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What are you typing into the laptop browser address bar to access the pc gateway ? ?

And just to make sure that’s the right port and ignition is running, if you type localhost:8088 into the PC browser, does it go to the gateway ?

Yes, when I'm on my laptop I tried to access the pc gateway and thats when it says the site cant be reached. localhost:8088 on the pc goes straight to its gateway.

Open the command prompt on the laptop and try ping just to double check you can access it.

Do you have any other antivirus software on your pc other than the standard windows firewall, which I assume that’s what you disabled?

The request times out when I try to ping that address from my laptop. Just the windows firewall I believe.

If the basic ping times out then you have a network issue. As Nick suggested above, try connecting your laptop via Ethernet too, via your router.


I tried getting two of my roomates who are connected via ethernet and they cant access the perspective view either.

Is it a business / college network ? Is it possibly for security reasons they stop you accessing other machines on the network ?

Can you successfully ping one of your roommates computers ?

Its my personal network at home. I am able to ping my roommates' computers in the house that are connected via ethernet, unlike my laptop. Hopefully that is a good thing haha

A quick google search led to network discovery. Does the PC have network discovery enabled? also sometimes when you connect to the internet it asks if this private or public etc. That can also block things if its set to public.