Trying to delete a pram I have created

in one of my views I do not need one of the prams I have created. I am trying to delete it, but it just won’t delete. I have double checked that nothing is referencing it or being used.

Any idea how I can find out where it might be being called or why I am not able to delete that pram

Lol give it another binding. Just temporary. Like to some irrelevant prop. Then close binding menu. Then reopen it. And click remove binding. Then delete.

Or shift click on the view. Export as json and take it out manually then import the edited json.

  1. Make sure the View is open for editing.
  2. In the Designer Menu Bar, select Edit > Find/Replace.
  3. Search for the param name by typing it into the input and clicking “Find”.

This should allow you to see if anything in the View is writing to that value without you knowing.

Once you get a pram, you’re stuck with it for around 3 years, as that’s about the age toddlers won’t require it anymore :slight_smile: I have 2.2 more years with ours, then I will be able to ‘delete’ it.

Back to the intended question though, it’s a bug. Save your view, close it, reopen it. Now you can delete it :slight_smile: