Trying to extreact tags from RS Logix 5000 to Ignition but getting error as tags have config error

Hello All,

Maybe I am facing a slight problem but i want to the error that confuse my mind. When i connect OPC DA COM with RS logix 5000, the connection is setup and i have made the tags in RS logix 5000. But when I am making a tag in ignition designer and connecting it with a RS logix 5000 tag, the Tag Quality says the CONFIG ERROR.
Also Remember I don’t have a Hardware and I am just using the Emulator for extracting the tags from RS logix 5000 to Ignition.

Thanks in advance

Read this. You probably haven’t configured DCOM properly.

Can I ask why you want to use OPC DA?

Ignition have a built-in OPC-UA driver. this driver is really easy to setup and is very relaiable.

OP is trying to connect to an emulated controller. The only way to connect to an emulate controller is through RSLinx thus the need to use the OPC-COM module as RSLinx is an OPC-DA server.

@Paullys50 you are right and I just forget to do the Topic configuration in RSLinx Gateway and it did work. But the next day when i am trying to use the same tags which i have used & connected to the Ignition OPC Tags showing an tag quality error i.e the OPC tag quality of my tag is UNKNOWN and I don’t know why I am getting this error.
Any solution would get me out of trouble. Thanks for the replies. :slight_smile:

Did you reset the 2 hour Ignition Trial license?

What version of RSLinx are you using? “Lite” does not allow OPC connections.

hey it’s done without doing anything.

Maybe Ignition have this problem sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t.