Trying to Read Serial Port In Tag Change Script

Is it possible to read the serial port within a Tag Change Script?

I am trying to monitor a serial port using a Tag Change Script on a tag in a UDT, but I am getting errors on the serial object not being recognized. The tag with the Tag Change Script is an Expression Tag that contains the current value of the time in seconds. The same code works fine within a script on a Button or in a timer script. I have a need to read several serial ports for this application, and I would like to use a UDT to allow me to abstract the logic and then just change the specified serial port in the different UDTs.

I am using Ignition 7.8.1.

Thanks for any help with this.

Do you have the serial gateway module installed? Sounds like you may have just the client version installed.

Installing Gateway Serial Module seems to have fixed it. I suppose the Tag Change Scripts are running on the Gateway which would require the Gateway Serial Module.

Thanks for the quick reply.