Trying to set a timestamp for every 15 minutes with tag historian

Im completely new to ignition and my boss wanted me to setup a tag historian with 15 minute timestamp. I took pics of what i have. Just not sure how to make the time it take data every 15 minutes only.

Your screenshots show the reporting module’s designer. That is used to display data that you’ve collected. It isn’t the historian. To record values on a strict schedule, I recommend using the SQL Bridge module’s transaction group, which can be scheduled to run every 15 minutes. That will put your selected tags’ data into a conventional database table with timestamp column. The report would then query that table for the desired time range.

Have you gone through the free Inductive University lessons yet? Highly recommended to get a feel for what parts of Ignition do what.

Tips: post screen grabs rather than photos and crop them well so that we only get relevant information. Post code rather than pictures of code and use the </> code formatting button to preserve indents and apply syntax highlighting. That way we can copy and edit it. Welcome aboard.

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