Trying to understand a bit more about ignition features/limitations for use in displaying plant analytics

Hey all,

Currently in the process of installing ignition and playing around with a few things. My question is in regards to doing some maths on PLC data

So i have a PLC (allen bradly compact logix) that controls a bunch of tanks.

A tank has a level sensor on it that has scaling in the PLC to convert it to how much weight is currently in the tank and how much more capacity the tank has left.

Im trying to do some level of analytics for information display and using this tank as a test subject. I want to create a page/graphic that has how much of that tanks volume was used during 1 day (24h) period. The PLC has a clock in it and i reckon i can do it in the PLC but im curious how you would go about doing this in Ignition itself, i assume you would use an expression?

The goal is to use ignition for some level of analytics and displaying it on various screens. I want to use this example just to get my head around the best way to do it in ignition and not the PLC.

I want to get to a point were i have a couple analytics screens displaying all types of information and im just curious about how much i can/should be doing in the PLC vs in SCADA.


If you use tag history for tank levels then you should easily be able to see the levels at various times then calculate usage off of that.

I recommend completing inductive university and learning more about what ignition has to offer. I think you will find that once you dive into ignition and learn more you will find what you want to do is rather simple.

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If you turn on history you should be able to trend data appropriately.

Might be good to start reading here Tag Historian - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation