Trying to use group level custom property as tag path var

Hi all,

As you might have picked up I’m trying to use a string in a group level custom property (Root Container.Group 9.Base = “[Client]NDFTags/FactoryPower/SUS1”) so that components within the group can use that base for calculating values. The easy way to get around this is to have half a dozen group level properties directly bound to the appropriate tag values, but that doesn’t scale very well past this sandbox project I’m using. What already works looks like this:

{Root Container.Group 9.CurrLoad}/{Root Container.Group 9.ParentLoad}

What I would like to do is have value expressions that look more like this:

{{Root Container.Group 9.Base}/CurrLoad}/{{Root Container.Group 9.Parent}/CurrLoad}

But of course Ignition doesn’t like nested paths.

There’s an obvious benefit to being able to include something like a variable in the tag path: I can put this in the Custom Palette and when I need to place copies all I have to change is one or two tag paths instead of 6 (and likely much more in similar components as the system develops) tag links. Is there a way to work around this? Is my problem syntax or is there just no way to do what I’m trying to do?


If you want to address tags indirectly in expressions you have to use the tag function. Here is an example:toFloat(tag({Root Container.Group 9.Base} + "/CurrLoad")) / toFloat(tag({Root Container.Group 9.Parent} + "/CurrLoad"))

Perfect. That was the piece I was missing. Thanks again!