Trying to write date with Concat function (tag.0)

i’m trying to concat dint to write a sting for date. All my tag are DINT. It work pretty well but the final string is: 1990. I dont understand why its not 1990.1.12… Why the final string add some random .0 ?

Here are more explanations:
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Annee = 1990
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Mois = 1
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Jour = 12

concat({Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Annee}, {Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Mois}, {Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Jour})

OR more simple…
does it exist a way to write date by import ADE_S_Clock tag in designer?

What version of Ignition is this? What are the Ignition datatypes of the 3 source tags? What’s the datatype assigned to the expression tag you are using concat in?

It looks like the 3 values are being treated as floating point, but it’s not clear why, and not happening for me in 8.x.

Hi Keven, thanx to reply.

Its version 10.0.8.
Data type, on PLC:
General.Blast ADE_S_Clock
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Annee DINT
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Mois DINT
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Jour DINT

On Designer:
General.Blast DONT WORK
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Annee DOUBLE
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Mois DOUBLE
Blast.DeviceTag::Date_Service_Jour DOUBLE

The concat expression is directyl write into the TEXT property of a textline object.

Not sure what version 10.0.8 is, but if your tags are set as Double in the Designer then the behavior is correct. If you can’t change the datatype you’ll need to cast them to int first:


*8.0.10 ***

Yesser, it works, thx!