"Tunneling" to an OPC server on a XP box

I want to access an OPC COM server running on an XP box. I believe (and I could be way wrong) that I should install Ignition on that box with the OPC-UA key. Then I can access OPC COM servers over OPC-UA. Am I correct? If so, do I have to install the entire system or can I just install a few modules? 7.7 requires Java 8 but Oracle says you need “a newer operating system” to run 8. Will an older version of Ignition that requires Java 7 give me what I need? Is there any documentation or videos on how to do this?


you have a few options.

#1 purchase an opc ua wrapper from kepware or matrikon.
kepware.com/Products/opc-con … -suite.asp
#2 purchase an opc-com module from inductive and install it and the opc tunneler module on the xp machine with the opc-da server

marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=47

#3 fight with dcom to try and get ignition to remotely connect to the opc-da server on the xp machine across the network using just the opc-com module.

I havent used the opc tunneler module from Ignition, so I cant comment on it. we always use kepware and havent had any issues.


To most directly answer your question about 7.7 and XP, in this particular case, your best bet (outside of the other suggestions made above) would probably be to just install 7.6, and then get the 7.6 version of the tunneller module. There were no big changes in it between 7.6 and 7.7, just recompiled for the version.

So on that system you would just have the OPC-UA module, OPC-COM, and Tunneller. I think that’s all like $350 retail or something.