Turn off auto backup of config.idb

Can someone please tell me how we turn this off? We to a full gateway backup and so we don’t need this done automatically several times a day.

You can modify the gateway.xml file in your data directory, specifically the context.startup.useautobackups key.

You must set it to an explicit value of false for autobackups to be disabled, because autobackups are a useful safety measure - they protect against inadvertent DB corruption, and act as an emergency fallback measure in case of inadvertent unrecoverable changes (i.e. deleting all the tags in a provider).

where is the backup db file stored?

The backups are stored under data/db/autobackups (relative to your Ignition installation).

Can I assume that a backup is then made before a tag deletion happens? That would be super useful to know at times

Nope. Autobackups happen on the schedule settings provided in gateway.xml. They’re not guaranteed to happen before any particular thing in the software - it’s just that generally they’re no more than a few hours old, so if something catastrophic happens, they can be a useful “oh s$&!” backup.