Turn off tooltips

I’m using tooltips to display help on each control in a new system. These tooltips can be quite big, so it would be nice once each user gets used to the system if they could turn them off with a menu option.

Is it possible to turn off tooltips system-wide?

Sure, in scripting you can do the following:from javax.swing import ToolTipManager ToolTipManager.sharedInstance().setEnabled(0) Turn it off by using a value of 0 and on with a value of 1.

Thanks Travis, that worked perfectly. The code I finally used to toggle tooltips on and off was as follows:from javax.swing import ToolTipManager if ToolTipManager.sharedInstance().isEnabled(): ToolTipManager.sharedInstance().setEnabled(0) else: ToolTipManager.sharedInstance().setEnabled(1)