TV screen for ignition


I want to put a screen in the production line, but I do not know what requirements or how this part can work to show the window that I have created in Ig nition

Any screen that you can connect to a monitor output (with passive or active adapter, if needed) on a computer that can run Ignition will work.

these are the screens that I have

benq 55", PANEL IPS, 4K, 350 NITS, 6 MS, 8W X 2, HDMI X 3,

TV LED-LCD Hisense H6 50H6E 125.7cm
(49.5") - 2160p - 16:9 - 4K UHDTV - 178° /
178° - 3840 x 2160 - dbx-tv, DTS - 30W
RMS - Direct LED RetroiluminaciĂłn - Smart
TV - 3 x HDMI - USB - Ethernet - LAN
inalámbrica - Transmisión PC - Acceso a

I haven’t played with mobile (waiting on Perspective release) or Android, but perhaps this could run Perspective or current Mobile module (don’t take my word for it, though).

Otherwise, if you’re just using it as a monitor you need to ensure it is suitable for the computer display output it will be connected to. If it will display what’s on the computer, it will display the Ignition client running on the computer.

You could always look into using an Intel Compute stick or NUC for this. Dashboard style projects tend to be very light on spec requirements. When we do dashboard style projects we tend to use a little NUC for the client and connect the screen to that.