Twilio Alarm Acknowledge Scenario

Hello ,

Newer to Ignition and still going through the Core training/IU so my scripting is weak. But here is my question on alarm pipelines. Running Ignition 8.1.7

I have an alarm pipeline which follows a set of basic conditions notifying users of an alarm and delays in between using Twilio. I have the pipeline condition “Acknowledged” un checked to allow the pipeline to send the SMS that the alarm is acknowledged using an isacknowledged() expression but here stands my issue.

  1. The alarm goes out via Twilio - operators receives alarm and replies back with designated alarm code.
    2)Operator receives SMS stating that alarm is acknowledged.

Due to the fact that the alarm is not yet cleared just acknowledged the alarm continues to call out after the delay time is met. I essentially want the alarm to stop continuing on in the pipeline notification as the operator is aware of the alarm and working on rectifying the issue, so no need to alarm the other groups in the pipeline.

Thank You