Twilio alarms module

Dear experts,

We are currently looking into generating alarms to some sort of group chat.
We have options like Whatsapp, telegram, …

The traditional email and SMS are obviously good, but in the future group chats where people can interract with eachother if an alarm pops up seems better to me.

Now for this I was looking at the different modules and saw the twilio module at the notification pricing of Ignition.

I read above statemens but for me the “Twilio” module is not in my gateway.
Do I have to install it externally? (Using igniton V8.0.16)

Has any1 else used Twilio? What’s your experience using it?

Thanks in advance!

You can download it here:

It’s just SMS, though. Won’t help you with notifying to any kind of group chat.


I see Twilio can support whatsapp aswell.
I read on the internet they plan to add whatsapp group functionality.
You specifically said “Just SMS” did you mean it will only be able to use tranditional SMS notifications?
Or will whatsapp be able to be used aswell?


I think it will be just SMS.

Twilio supports WhatsApp Business accounts now, which are geared towards conversational transactions with customers and require pre-approved templates to be used when sending out unsolicited notifications.

The module knows nothing about Twilio WhatsApp support. Unless it’s possible to ignore the above constraints and somehow transparently send notifications via WhatsApp instead of SMS by tweaking something in your Twilio account it will not work.

I’m using notifications by WhatsApp with Twilio, and works well.


How do you send notifications by Whatsapp ?. Do you use the alarm notification and Twilio modules o directly with script ?.

No Twilio module, only scripts

Hi but this means you’re using whatsapp business right?
This also costs a small amount of money per message correct?


HI ! Please you can show us how you integrate the twilio librery with ignition for send whats app notifications ?

Go to the twilio page web, create a new whatsapp project. There is an example only using scripts, no need twilio module.