Twilio Error Sending Notification

Hey there so I am trying to get Twilio working with my company’s alarming system but I just can’t get it to work for the life of me. I have the Twilio trial configured, I have the Twilio account in the Ignition Gateway, I have the module installed, I have the pipeline enabled but when I go to test it from the gateway all I get is a nondescript error log. Please any help would be appreciated.

There should be “+” over on the right side of those logs that you can expand for more information. Copy and paste the entire stack trace once you’ve done that.

There wasn’t a ‘+’ which is kinda what confused me, there is no more detailed description for those error messages

Oddly enough I went away from it and left the entire system unchanged over night and voila it was working the second time I tried it this morning. Unsure if it was just because the Twilio account was created a couple of hours before I tried to use it or what but it’s working great now. Still thank you very much.

That is strange. What version of Ignition are you using? Maybe the exception logging was added later.

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My best bet is that the number on Twilio had not actually yet been assigned (even though I did claim the number) because only this morning did Twilio deduct $1.00 from the trial account for activating the number. We are using 7.97 if that helps.