Twilio Module

I installed the Twilio module and think I have it at least partially configured in the gateway.

It shows it is active and is setup for 2-way communication with the public ip address and port of my server.

How do I configure the on-call rosters to get the phone numbers to send the SMS messages to? I don’t see an option for that. I am trying to add this to the notification block in the Alarm Pipeline.

Hint: Some documentation would be great.

Ignition 7.7.1

Rosters are part of the general alarming system and aren’t tied to any particular notification profile type. You can configure them on the gateway under Configure > Alarming > Rosters or in the client with the roster component. See the user manual for slightly more info.

I imagine Inductive University has some coverage on these topics now as well.

Thanks for the information. I couldn’t find anything when I searched Inductive University on Twilio.

Is the format that Twilio is expecting +14333362571 or will it take 4333362571?

Yeah I’m not sure if the IALabs modules have any IU content right now.

I think either format for the number will work.

Got the Twilio Module working. Support called and the port in the gateway configuration needed to be port 80. Also in contact information I needed to setup a type of sms with the phone number. It works with the phone number prefixed with 1+.

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