Twilio profile in notification block doesn't pass to the next profile on errors

I’m using a notification block to send alarms and have it set up in a way where the first profile in the block is a Twilio one, and the second is an Email one. The behavior I would expect from this (and that I was almost certain I had observed before) was that if a user it tries to send to doesn’t have an SMS number configured, that it would try the next profile in the notification block, in this case email.

Currently what is happening is that when the user doesn’t have an SMS number, I get an error in the logs and the email is never sent.

Is this a bug? Or am I just mistaken as to what the behavior should be? Is there a workaround if that’s the case?

From what I can see if an attempt to notify using Twilio profile is being made then that user has an SMS contact info defined.

It doesn’t try one profile, look for an error, then try another. It looks at each profile in order, asks the profile what contact info type it can send to, then checks if the user has a contact info of that type.

Ah, I understand.

The method I’m using to add users uses some Perspective views that I created, and in those views they generally set the SMS number for a user to an empty string, which is causing an error in Twilio and then causing the notification block to drop out.

I’ll look into ensuring that SMS numbers are simply not set, then, I wasn’t aware this was the behavior. Thank you for clearing it up!