Twilio - Register your 10DLC numbers to avoid unregistered fees: Deadline December 15, 2022

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Received an email from Twilio recently stating the title of this post. Anyone gone through this process? First glance looks quite cumbersome...

I submitted a ticket to Twilio to make sure I have to do this. If I do have to do it, it says it will be about a day of work. I said in my ticket that "The process looks quite involved - maybe to the point that it feels like it is not worth continuing the service..."

Here is the documented process for anyone who is interested. We send much less messages than the 6000/day threshold so would be best suited for the 'Low Volume Standard Brand' option which is all the steps in this documentation except the 'Automated Secondary Vetting' step.

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Yikes, this looks like a PITA.

I did it a couple of months back it wasnt a big deal. you really have no choice. its not twilio, it is the carriers. I guess they are trying to cut down on spam sms messages and make a little money while doing it I guess.

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The process is not too long as long as you have samples of your possible "campaign" message types ready to go and a ballpark estimate of how much you will be using each. We did it a few months back and it wasn't an all day thing, but there were two of us collecting up the info before we even started the online forms. (The online forms were really quick after having done the prep ahead of time.)

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Thanks guys, I guess I will have a reluctant go at it :slight_smile:

All done, in the end - wasn't difficult at all.

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