Two Columns in a Drop Down Box

I currently have a single column in my drop down box. “OPTION 1”, “OPTION 2”, “OPTION 3”, and “OPTION 4”. I am able to increase the text size so the it is easily read and works well on a touch screen. Now I would like to add a second column, and display a description for each option. The only way I see to do this is change to a table view. However then it seems I loose the ability to increase the text size. I would also like to have the dropdown wider then my selection box (showing the descriptions off to the right), is this possible?

I have attached a couple screen shots

No, there is not a way to change the font currently. I will add a ticket into our system to get that fixed.


Five years ago you add ticket to fix this.
Today is 2016 and it's still the same...

That must really be an heavy ticket (bug)... :laughing: :thumb_left:

zxcslo, this was added as a feature request, and it looks like it has not been a popular one so it is not assigned a high priority.

If you are interested in this feature added, you may want to put in a public request here: so OP and other users can upvote it and our development team can gauge how popular that request is.

Has anyone requested this officially yet? I was looking for this feature too.