Two customerizing questions about Perspective. Help Needed!

Hey guys, got two problems about Perspective. One simple, the other frustrating.
①Can we hide the animation opening of Perspective ? What I mean is the picture below:

② It is accepted that the Alarm Status table component is convenient and full of funtionalities. However, we want a further processing of certain specific alarm to enable the client to get more information about the alarm.
In Vision, some certain alarm can be selected through a property called Selected Alarms:

Can we do the same operation in the Alarm Status table component in Perspective so that the selectred alarm can be further processed?
Thank you guys for your incoming advice.

the status table should have a prop called “selection” as of version 8.1.4

And i dont think it is possible to remove the loading, its part of ignitions branding, but idk

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Yes It upgraded this function and I already installation the latest verision after reading your answer!! Thank you so much victor!!!
By the way, is it possible to double click certain alarm and utilize the information in the selection to get a popup because as far as I know it seems infeasible.

Hmm i dont think double click will work. as it will just deselect the row

Put you can link an onclick event on the table with a script that checks if there is anything selected, get the data and open a popup