Two Designers

I have a question, we need open two designers because we are working in different projects at the same time.
But sometimes, one designer crash and we need to close the other.
And both designers goes slow… :cry:

Any suggestion for solve that?

Usually one of the first things that causes designer slowdowns is that it uses all the memory it has been permitted to. You can see how much memory is being used out of the maximum in the bottom right corner of the designer. If you need to, you can increase this amount up to 4 GB by going to the gateway webpage under “Gateway Settings”. I haven’t ever had any problems with running multiple designers at once as long as your computer can handle it. If this doesn’t help, I would check on the performance of your computer and the gateway. It could easily be pretty slow if, for instance, you were running the gateway and two designers on the same computer and you haven’t got a lot of memory.

I forget say, that we are two developers, working in different computers.
When we are working with two designers some of the them, crashes or get slow.


Some of the advice of my previous post should still apply even if you’re on two different computers. Have you checked your gateway’s system resources?

Well, we have 4 GB of RAM. I think that is not enough…


What version of Ignition are you using? Is it mostly slow during saves? I would certainly look at the resources used, but also, perhaps try giving the designer more memory by going to the gateway, and then to Config>Gateway Settings>Designer Memory.

There really should be no problem at all running 2 designers. We routinely have customers running more than that.



We are using the 7.7.6 (b2015120217) and our java version is 1.8.0_71. And yes, is mostly during saves when the Designer goes slow or when we want see the scripting for a component.