Two FactoryPMI features that I can't replicate in Ignition

I want to know if this two features of FactoryPMI, still working on Ignition:


For 1, I tried in the designer (fot testing, then I do it in the client) setting the path property of a Image component with “file://” and then the local path of the image file but the image it’s not showing (it’s showing the icon with the red X).

For 2, I copy a file in C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\tomcat\webapps\ROOT and then I go to web browser and put the address “http://gatewayName::8088/Filename.txt” and the browser redirect me to the gateway login page. I tried with a simple html page and the same occurs.

I’m doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

I resolve 2.

C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\tomcat\webapps\main instead
C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\tomcat\webapps\ROOT.

Maybe FactoryPMI had not configured the DefaultContextRedirector.

With 2 resolved, for me, 1 it’s not necesary. But I wonder if it is still possible.


This wasn’t possible, but we’ve added this back in for 7.4.

Ok. Good to know. Thanks.