Two opc-ua-executor threads consuming high amounts of CPU

Gateway version 8.0.7

My issue appears to be rather odd in the fact that I have two opc-ua-executor threads consuming nearly 80% of my CPU at any given moment. It has not been always been like this, and our usage is usually at about 20-30% overall. The odd part is that I am not seeing a large stack of errors like you’d expect. All of my OPC devices (55) are connected as well as the OPC servers (5). I have uploaded the latest thread dump during high usage. mfgsiignition_thread_dump20200623-162138.txt (342.5 KB) Any help or directions are very much appreciated!

I think this was fixed in 8.0.13.

The release note mentions a different thread but the stack trace is the same.

I’ll look into installing this on our test server to make sure everything goes alright. I know it’s supposed to be a minor update, but I usually only get a once in a blue moon shot to take our server out of production because it is running a lot of our comms for automated systems. Thanks Kevin!

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Always a good idea to test upgrades in a staging environment.

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Updated to 8.0.14 on 6/26. So far so good! CPU usage has stayed well below 20% since. Our RAM usage even looks a lot cleaner too. Solution Verified!