Two people working on same project in gateway

I have a project I am working on and want another person to work on the same project at the same time. I took a backup of the gateway and sent it to him. I had made changes to the project after the backup and when he opened the backup the changes were not there. It makes sense but I figured if he was connected to the same gateway that he would then see the changes and we would be working on the same project and see each other changes. Why are we not able to see the same gateway?

If he were connected to the same gateway he wouldn’t have needed you to send a backup.

Sounds like you each have your own gateway installed.

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How would I make sure that he is on the same gateway? I have had him copy the exact URL from the gateway I am opening and it says that if failed to connect. What are we doing wrong?

Are you on the same network? Whatever server/PC the gateway is running on needs to be accessible over the network by both of you. If it’s running on your PC then make sure there’s no firewall blocking him from connecting if he’s otherwise on the same network.

Ultimately though, the gateway is server software, and should be running on a separate server that is accessible by anybody who needs to design or run a client or project.

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Has the other person updated their project?

File > update project

Not on the same network. And we don’t feel comfortable taking down the firewalls so going with option of having one computer with the gateway and accessing that computer remotely. Thanks for the help guys!

You don’t have to take the entire firewall down. Just open up port 8088/8043/8060. See here: