Two Plant share 1 license issue

I have 2 plant which use ignition design app for industry, the server is base on server B, we use ADSL with 6M bandwith to make two plant network can share data.
But due to this 6M bandwith is share for all the app(such as video/ copy document/ ERP function), some times there will have a peak, all the bandwith is occupied by some app and ignition software will be very slow in plant A.
Due to many APP in Plant A is online, my end user will complain to me for the abnormal ,What action can I take to solve this problem?

Uhm, buy another license to deploy on a new server in plant A?

There’s no magic wand.

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Thanks a lot

+1 to Phil’s sentiments. SCADA requires consistent real-time update rates to build any kind of good UX and user trust in your system. If your system is worth the company paying for your development time, then it is worth paying for a second license so your users have a consistent experience.

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