Two Rectangles, Different Appearance Options

I am in the process of modifying a pre-exsisting screen, I noticed through my travels there is a rectangle that has much more options listed than the new one i created. For instance:

Existing Rectangle:
North Edge Line Width
East Edge Line Width
Rounding Radius
Gradient Type
Gradient Style

New Rectangle:
Fill Paint
Stroke Paint
Stroke Style

Is this a no longer supported rectangle? Im not sure how old the screen is but the options it has are missed. Any ideas? Thanks

this place is weird, sometimes someone responds but most of the time its dust bunnies. I’m better off just calling the support line

That’s the rectangle created with the legacy rectangle tool, which has been replaced by the vector drawing tools.

If you want to keep creating these old style rectangles you can copy/paste your existing one. If you need regular access to it, right click on the component palettes, create a new custom palette, and add the rectangle to it.

Turn-around time in the forums can be anywhere between immediate and days. If you need more immediate support use email. If you need even more immediate support, then yes, call in.

Thanks Kevin, I wanted to make sure it was supported. Is it recommend to just use the new rectangles? I actually prefer the way the old one use gradients, etc… Thanks again!

Well… the old ones will always continue to work, but I hesitate to recommend you keep using something that’s essentially been deprecated when there’s a replacement available. There’s a gradient tool available in the vector stuff too.

In the end though it’s up to you.

I guess this is a cross reference in my posts, i replaced the old rectangles with the new ones and thats when the slow down occurred FYI.

I was just speaking with the support line, looks like its an issue with the way java on my MAC works. I ran the screen on a windows machine and it works perfectly. Thanks again for the help!