Two Simple Scripting Questions

Question 1: Has anyone encountered any issues with not being able to call up the system libraries by hitting Ctrl + Space after typing in system. ? Every now and then it happens to me, and it’s kinda frustrating when i’m in the groove 8)

Question 2: What is the easiest way to link a property to the current second? I’m wanting to make my fan blades rotates and I figured if I just link the angle to the current second, it would rotate pretty consistently even if there’s some sort of ‘jump’ from 0 to 60. I have no clue how to call up the current second to make it the property. Help?

Thanks in Advance! :thumb_left:

You could put the following expression in an expression tag:dateFormat(now(), "s")

That works and my fan blades are definitely spinning now, can I do the same thing with milliseconds? Or do you have a good suggestion for making fans spin?

You can use a timer component.

Generally I wouldn’t :slight_smile: It doesn’t add much information and it’s generally too distracting. I wouldn’t try to do anything graphical faster than a second or so as things like Java garbage collection can make it update unevenly and your eye is very good at picking up stutters - animation needs to update every 40ms to look smooth.

OK, I’m totally ok with that. It just seemed a little slow at first, but as long as their moving, I’m ok with that. I did, however, multiply the seconds by 4 or 5 to make them move a little more each second and that looks a little better to me. Seconds are definitely good, no need to use ms :slight_smile: