Two Store and Forward connection with the same name

I'm having trouble upgrading from 8.1.20 to 8.1.23. Whenever I go through the upgrade, I always get this error message:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value already present: EngineeringDM

I would run the upgrade, it would error out with that error, and then I wouldn't be able to launch the gateway without uninstalling Ignition and restoring from a backup.

I started investigating where EngineeringDM was coming from and it looks like it's a database connection, which is Disabled right now, but that's besides the point... When I look in the Store and Forward settings, I see two entries with the same name!

There's also no way to remove one of them. I would like to not have to remove the EngineeringDM database connection as I don't have those credentials - this is a customer's gateway. If that is the solution, I can reach out to them but wanted to check if there was something I could try before I do that.

You should call support and have them walk you through direct manipulation of the internal configuration DB.


Chatted with support and the issue resolution was to delete a duplicate record from the Store and Forward table in the internal DB.

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