Two tables, one shared horizontal scroll bar?

I have a screen with two tables, top one contains data, bottom contains summary info (avg, min, max).
Would be nice if only one horizontal scroll was visible which affected both tables, instead of each having a horiz scroll that works independently . . . any ideas?
Is this even possible?

Also -
The far left column contains the date, ideally this would remain in place while the other columns are scrolled; can selected columns be ‘granted immunity’ from horiz scroll?

(Client wants to be able to add flags and generally edit any cell they choose, so that is why the two are set up as separate tables each linked to a different database table)


I’m sure that the silence told you as much, but I really can’t think of a great way to do this, sorry.

Have there been any updates to ignition that would make this functionality possible now.

I would try to programmatically create a special AdjustmentListener that knows about both scrollbars and passes new adjustments from one to the other (with checks to avoid passing back and forth infinitely).
With care, it should be possible to synchronize any number of scrollbars.