Two - way Notification setting

I am practicing Alarm pipeline, I have enabled two way setting in the gateway so user can acknowledge via email , but still users cannot able to acknowledge , i have attached the settings snap from the gateway,

Thank you

should i have to do any other settings apart from gateway , please give me some idea on alarm acknowledgement via email.

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A user looking at their email in their own machine is never going to reach your server with any form of "localhost". You need a public DNS name or IP address, generally, and that has security concerns.

If the recipient will only be allowed to acknowledge while within the facility, the internal facility IP address could be used.

Internal facility address refers to internal IP address , can i use IPv4 Address

I would think so, yes. But someone viewing their email while not connected to that LAN will not be able to acknowledge alarms. The whole point of that setting is that it is reachable on your users' network.

I have added my IPv4 will this work

Thank you so much