Type cast to UDT

Is there a way to pass a UDT variable in an event handler script to a parameterized window custom property expecting that UDT by building the UDT string?
For example the variable “url” here needs to be a UDT that has already been defined:

url = event.source.parent.getComponent(‘Label’).text + “01”
system.nav.openWindowInstance(“Param_Window”, {‘URL’ : url})

here ‘url’ is built and interpreted as a string but needs to be passed as a UDT. This code returns an error that ‘url’ could not converted into ‘UDTProperty’

I could use type casting like toInt or toFloat for int and float but I don’t see a way to cast to a UDT.

Your best bet for now is to instead pass the path of the UDT (as a string) into the window you are opening. Just make sure the property on the window you are opening is also a String type. You can then use indirect bindings to the proper UDT based on the string you passed in.