Types of Tags - Is there a possibility the types of tags in Ignition can be stored in OPC?

Good day,

I have a question regarding on the tags that are scaled or any other types of tags. Is it possible that the created types of tags like expression or UDT or tags that are scaled can be stored in OPC?

If not, is there a way that Ignition can share the created tags in a third-party software?

Thank you very much. Any response is much appreciated.

The Ignition OPC-UA server can be configured to expose tags so other OPC-UA clients can read them. See “Expose Tag Providers” near the bottom of this page:

Good day sir witman,

Thank you very much for the help. It is very much appreciated. I can see now my UDTs in the client.
Again, thank you very much. Have a nice day!

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