U64 - Is 64bit read supported in Ignition 8.1?

Hello, I am current trying to read in a U64, 4 consecutive holding registers, starting at 0xDF21 ~ 0xDFC0, where I need to do bitwise referencing afterwards. Is this the correct opcPath? Modbus ID = 255. I am wanting to read bit 0.


It would be something ugly like [U01B01_BAMS]255.HRI_6457121.0 or [U01B01_BAMS]255.HRUI_6457121.0. The prefix is HRI_64 or HRUI_64.


Why do you need to read all four registers to get at one bit?

Great, thank you Kevin.. looks I just needed to substitute the HRUS for HRUI. Thank you very much!