UascServerHelloHandler Error across multiple gateways

Hey all,
I've been seeing this error populate in waves on my Ignition gateway logs, across multiple Ignition gateway servers (separate physical locations, but same internal network), under the UascServerHelloHandler tag.

[remote=/] Exception caught; sent ErrorMessage{error=StatusCode{name=Bad_TcpMessageTooLarge, value=0x80800000, quality=bad}, reason=max message length exceeded (196610 > 4128)}

I am thinking it is network related, as the port number increases over the wave of, around 30 or so errors in a short span (roughly 20-30 mins), leading me to believe there is possibly a connection issue with multiple devices. They will be in the same time frame, showing on all of my 4 Ignition gateway servers. Before I start talking to corporate IT about their security and profiles, has anyone else seen this sort of error before, and was it network related?

Any advice is appreciated.


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