Ubuntu 18.04: Autostart script to run client in full screen mode with fall back project setup

I am working on upgrading our project from Ignition 7.9.5 to Ignition 8. Our clients run Ubuntu 18.04. I am able to launch the client upon start up but it is not launching in full screen mode even though the settings are set to full screen mode in the client launcher.

Here is the snippet that was built for Ignition 8

This is the snippet for Ignition 7.9.5
Exec=/home/operator/Downloads/visionclientlauncher/app/visionclientlauncher.sh scope=C project=P009_NorthPeel_Waste windowmode=fullscreen show.closebutton=false gateway.addr= gateway.fallback.addr=localhost:8088/main fallback.project=P005_NorthPeel_Waste retries=3

If anyone has been successful in launching fullscreen client on Ubuntu 18.04 with successfully getting the fallback to work, please let me know.