Ubuntu 23.04: designer crash

After updating my Ubuntu installation to 23.04 it happens sometimes that the Designer freezes and after a while crashes. It did not happen with Ubuntu 22.10. Any suggestion about logs or dumps which could help to narrow down the issue? That same problem has occured when connected to a 8.1.12 gateway as well as to a 8.1.27.

Thanks in advance, regarda

Any thread dumps in the .ignition/cache directory? (Designer Diagnostics - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation)

Hi @Ken_Pace, just got the same crash again. I have a 29 MB Ubuntu crash log in /var/crash: are you interested in it? Where can I send it?
What happened is as follows:

  • Designer session starting (Ignition 8.1.27 on docker, but it happened also on a not dockerized Ignition) and showing the Downloading .... popup
  • Ubuntu freezes
  • Ubuntu popup saying Ubuntu experienced an internal error comes up.
  • Ubuntu dash and activity bar goes away for a while and comes then back
  • In the meanwhile the Designer Launcher window and the Designer loading popup have been closed.

It seems a gnome related problem, but I had no such issue with Ubuntu 22.04, 22.10 (as of now I've been working with Ubuntu 23.04 for almost 1 month).

Thanks in advance, regards

If it zips down significantly you might be able to just message me directly with it. Otherwise you'll likely need to contact Support. I'm able to use the Designer with no problems on Ubuntu 23.04 in a VM so there's something unique/different about your setup.

Me to @Ken_Pace, the crash happens randomly, sometimes never in an entire working day.

I have been having this issue as well. Ever since upgrading to Ubuntu 23.04, Design Launcher randomly crashes while opening a project. It seems to happen far less often if I start the launcher from a command prompt.

JXBrowser has been upgraded in 8.1.28, curious to see if this might solve the issue.

Hi @Kevin.Herron , thanks for your answer. One question: suppose that I connect to a 8.1.28 gateway, download its designer and I'm glad to see that the issue is no more there, if next time I connect to a customer's gateway whose version is back to e.g. 8.1.17, could that issue possibly occur again?

Thanks, regards

Yes, the Designer you run is always the one from the gateway you connect to (same version).

Only the launcher is versioned independently, but the launcher is not the client or designer. It's just a collection of gateways and a bootstrap/launcher that launches the client or designer from whatever gateway you choose.

Ok, thanks @Kevin.Herron : I will give 8.1.28 a try as soon as possible.

Thanks @Andrew_Black for your tip: just started Designer Launcher from the terminal (Ignition 8.1.27), curious to see if I can work until tonight :slightly_smiling_face:.

Following this thread:
I also installed the latest NVidia driver for my graphic card:
just to be sure that the issue is not related to an Inductive Automation problem.

Result: yesterday I had no problem the whole day, let's see how will go on today.
I'll be back as soon as possible.

Just happened again: I was starting a second Designer from a 8.1.9 Gateway, while project downloading stopped all of a sudden, Ubuntu got unresponsive - no app working any longer for a few seconds, got back to Ubuntu login form, all Ignition stuff gone!! It's getting rather a scaring nightmare.

Sadly after 3 crashes I decided today to give up and to switch back to MS Windows: it's impossible to work in an unstable environment like that. I hope that Ubuntu or Inductive Automation will find a solution asap. In the meanwhile MS Windows to the rescue.
Thanks to all for your valuable support