Ubuntu fullscreen display on 2nd monitor

I’m using system.gui.opendesktop to open a window on a second monitor. It does not open in full screen. Unity Menu Bar is displayed at the top. This is a dedicated HMI and we don’t want operators having access to menubar.

Does anyone have a suggestion to solve this?

Ignition 7.9.5
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Hmm. I’m assuming you already have the window setup to open fullscreen and all that. Only other thing I can think of is to look into the JFrame methods since thats what openDesktop returns. Perhaps theres a maximize method there you can use?

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Perhaps you can try a different flavour? Unity was always a bit strange IMO (and the main reason why I left Ubuntu as a personal preference).

Lubuntu or Xubuntu should be a good choice. Those have light DE’s that don’t get in the way often.

Yes, the project is configured to open fullscreen, and that works correctly on the primary monitor. Thanks for the suggestion to look at JFrame methods. There are methods to accomplish this:


Unfortunately setUndecorated must be called before the frame is displayed. So it would need to be called in the openDesktop code. At least this is my guess from hacking around.

I agree on Unity. But I chose ubuntu, because I can get my industrial PC shipped with it, and my goal is to minimize the steps from out of the box to functional HMI.

The good news is that 18.04 will use Gnome 3. But I have to deliver this one with 16.04.

Since I haven’t tried a second monitor yet, I can’t say if this would help, but on Ubuntu clients I always install Gnome Flashback. When you log in you can select it (Flashback not Metacity).

I also install dconf Editor. In dconf Editor, under org->gnome->gnome-panel->toplevels->bottom-panel (and top-panel) check auto-hide. This gets makes the top and bottom panels disappear. This has helped me before in getting clients to launch full-screen.

Maybe you have tried this. Hope it helps.


I resolved this issue by switching to the Gnome desktop. Looking forward to 18.04 LTS.