Ubuntu Ignition Download

Hello, I am currently trying to install the ignition installer onto my OnLogic device. I have done several ways of performing the installation and have hit roadblocks on all of them.

the methods performed are installing ignition 32 and 64-bit and allowing the executable permission and simply double-clicking and nothing happens. the other method I used was the terminal chmod on the newly download file and then ran the ignition which asks for a username and have tried my ignition username and also the OnLogics username and I get denied. i also tried installing ignition edge as well and the farthest i went was chmod and hit the same road on the user name and nothing worked.

P.S this is Ubuntu version 22 running on an ARMs Processor

# Runs the installer on command line only and requires user interaction.
"homes/yourUser/Downloads/ignition-8.0.14-linux-x64-installer.run" -- "textMode=true"
# Runs the installer on command line, changes the default install directory, and does not requires user interaction.
"homes/yourUser/Downloads/ignition-8.0.14-linux-x64-installer.run" -- "unattended=text" "location=/home/yourUser/Desktop/test"


I've only installed 79 on linux (all my 81's are on docker), but you can try read this to see if it helps:

i am using a ubuntu ARMs processor so i was required to download the 32bit ARMs