Ubuntu Server Install Issue

Running into issues installing ignition on my raspberry pi.
Running ubuntu server headless 20.04, pi 4 8GB.
Download checksum looks fine, curled it right from the site onto the pi.

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ ./ignition-8.1.1-linux-x64-installer.run -- "unattended=text" "user=ignition"
Verifying archive integrity...  100%   MD5 checksums are OK. All good.
Uncompressing IgnitionInstaller  100%
./install.sh: line 64: runtime/bin/./java: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

You have to use Ignition ARM installer for raspberry PI.
AARCH64 is you use a 64 bit linux on ARM
And ARMHF32bit if you use a 32 bits linux on ARM


Thanks Lionel,
I was under the impression that I was using AARCH64?

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ uname -m

edit: You were correct, needed to download the other archive! Thanks!