UDP Driver, [Bad_NoDataAvaialable]

I am trying to get data from a device broadcasting a UDP stream over our local Ethernet into the Tag Browser. The device is a scale that sends the value it reads once a second or so.

The device is configured as, port 8888(the port setting here seems to be for other configurations that are available).

I created a device in the OPC-UA Server section of the Gateway with settings: Port=8060, IPAddress=192.168.13, Packet Based delimeter, no Message Delimiter, 1 for the Field Count, no Field delimiter, Message Buffer= Default(4096), and Multicast=False.

When I save the configuration, it says that my UDP Driver Status is “Connected”, but when I go to the Quick Client and test, I get the error [Bad_NoDataAvaialable]. I saw that having incorrect Field Count can cause this error, but I am not sure how to set that. I think the device just sends one value, but there may be some other characters that come along, but I’m expecting them to be in the same “message”. I have tried many values for the Field Count, but always the same result.

In the Designer, OPC Browser, I can see my device listed, and a folder with the port name I set, 8060.It has two tags, “Last Receive Message” and “Message”, is that two fields? Are those tags created by Ignition or is my device sending those?

Does anyone see any obvious issues with my config? Can I choose any port in the Gateway config, or do I need to pick a port that I am already connected to(like localhost:8088, which is where my gateway is connected? Is there any way for me to do more diagnostics on what the UDP driver is seeing?

Thanks for any insight,

Consider using wireshark to capture the UDP traffic just to be sure you are getting what you think.

Thanks for the WireShark suggestion. I installed that and it looks like the UDP packets are being sent as expected, according to their documentation and screen shots.
I think my question is about how to set up the Gateway. I am looking at the Ignition documentation, but things are not working the way they say it should. I checked out the video of the TCP connection and they left the field count at 0.
Does anyone have a screenshot of a working UDP Gateway setup?

Using Wireshark (Tools/Firewall ACL Rules), I was able to determine that the issue was with some IT security setting on our network. They were able to get that part working and now the UDP Driver is working fine.
For those that have this error in the future: The documentation stating that it is caused by the Field Count value being incorrect, is incorrect. If using the PacketBased delimeter type in the Gateway setup page (and you probably should), The Field Count value(it looks like anything else in the Message section too) apparently can be anything, like the default of 0, and it will work with a device broadcasting a single value. The only reason to change anything in the Message section from default would be if the message contains more than one value, then you would add the delimiter type, and the number of fields.

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