UDP Driver timeouts

I’m giving the UDP driver a try for the first time and it’s working fine. There are three timeout parameters in the configuration, Browse Timeout, Read Timeout, and Write Timeout. Are these used for anything? I shut down the program that’s broadcasting the data last night, but left the Ignition device enabled, and the tags were all still of “good” quality this morning.

If the timeouts aren’t used, can a tag quality value for this driver ever be anything other than Good, or Stale, if a value hasn’t been read yet?

Ignition 7.5.4.

They’re not used for what you’re thinking (or anybody thinks) they are. In future versions they’ve even been removed because they’re pretty misleading.

The timeout that matters with the drivers is generally the ‘Communication Timeout’ property, although the UDP driver doesn’t have one.

The TCP driver does, and will mark tags bad quality when the timeout expires without data arriving and the connection is reset, but the UDP driver does not work in the same way since there’s not so much an explicit connection - it’s just listening for broadcast data.

Also, not that it’s particularly relevant here, but it’s always worth upgrading to the the latest version. For you that would be 7.5.10.