UDT alarm custom property

Hi All,

I have UTD for which I have a custom property ‘asset_id’.

I then configured an alarm on a tag withing the UDT which also has a custom property ‘asset_id’ which I want bound to the UDT’s ‘asset_id’.

Is there a way to do this?

In trying to solve my issue in another way, I found that the expression language does not function on tags or tag custom properties the same as if they were on say a vision component. For instance, if I try create a tag within my UDT who’s value is split({PathToParentFolder}, "/")[3, 'parts'] it doesn’t work as expected.

Can you just try putting {asset_id} there?

Yea I tried that - no dice

Okay can you create one memory expression tag linked to the UDTs property and have alarms property referring to that expression tag?

Tried that too - Like I say, I think expressions don’t work exactly like they do in Vision - not sure if this is intended or not

Try {[.].asset_id}:
Custom Prop from Alarm Associated Data

I thought that worked for me but having tested more it doesn’t. @kcollins1, how does one create those videos so I can show my configuration?

If you’re on Windows, ShareX is FOSS and can screen record to GIF.

On MacOS, I like Kap (also FOSS), but others may have more informed opinions.

On Linux, I dunno, use ffmpeg or something :laughing:


That’s exactly what I do.

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