UDT Alarm Names

Hey guys,

How come you can’t give a name to an alarm on a UDT tag? These alarms show up as blank description on the alarm components if you are displaying alarms by Name. Is this the intended behavior?


You certainly should be able to edit the alarm name… and I can’t replicate this behavior. How was that alarm created? Was it upgraded, or created new in 7.6? In either case I can’t see the same behavior. If you create a new alarm, can you edit its name?

Does this happen for other udts in your project?


Ahh, it must have been a weird upgrade thing. This was an existing UDT from pre-7.6. If I create a new alarm on the UDT I can edit the name. I deleted the existing alarm and created a new one and now it seems to be working properly.

I think it was because the alarm did not have a name before the upgrade to 7.6, maybe you can replicate it that way? Other UDT alarms that did have a name seem to be fine, I just didn’t look at them. FYI. Thanks!