UDT Alert Override Changes not working

We have a UDT setup that we override some of the default settings in depending on the machine is it for. Specifically we have a machine that we set override for alerts. I attached shot of this. When we first set it up we had the low set point on the alert set for 105 but then we changed later to the current setting of 75. The settings show up as you can see with the 75 value but the alert still triggers at the old set point of 105.

Is there something I am missing here or is a bug?

I did a quick test and everything worked as expected, and I even tracked down the tag in one of the backups you sent us a while ago, and everything seemed to work (I repointed the opc tag to a simulator).

I did notice that you have that alarm state defined for 3 tags: Rack_PCR/2570/Slot5/0, Rack_PCR/1570/Slot4/0, and Rack_PCR/8750/Slot5/4. With the same state names, and the display path overridden to be the same for each (“MG Set”), it seems very possible that you might confuse one for the other. Is it possible that this is what is happening?


I dont see that as being the issue since i log each machine to different table.
And the paths show up as the tags in question. I will keep an eye on these and see if i keep getting them.

Will i figured out what was causing this while runing diagnostics on our SQL Server. I wont mention any names but one of the other guys on site here has been running a gateway locally on his machine with a older backup of the real gateway here. He just let everything run including the database connections. Not a clue I swear. Anyway should be resolved now. Thanks for the your time.

Ha, no problem. The ol’ “ghost install” problem. It happens from time to time.